Bulk Palm Cooking Oil in Medan Is Rp 16.400/Liter

Bulk Palm Cooking Oil in Medan Is Rp 16.400/Liter

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN - From what Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) Regional I monitored, bulk palm cooking oil is still at Rp 16.400 per kilogram in average or a little bit more expensive than it in the highest retail price. But there is no issue about the supply.

“The price is stable but there is no cheaper price. There is no issue about bulk palm cooking oil supply,” Chairman of KPPU Regional I, Ridho recently said to InfoSAWIT.

Until now the potential issue to happen is that the limits to get maximal purchase per consumer per two kilograms. They have to show ID when buying it. “This could be the issue,” he said.

He continued, KPPU also monitored about the decision about Pelaku Usaha Jasa Logistik dan Eceran (PUJLE) that should have digital application and should be verified. He thought, this should not be the issue for small and traditional retailers to sell or to distribute bulk palm cooking oil.

Actually, the substitution of some consumers from buying packaged palm cooking oil to be bulk palm cooking oil, should be the good news for the traditional sellers. But if the conditions are too complex, he concerned, the big sellers, modern retailers would eventually sell bulk palm cooking oil.

“KPPU keeps encouraging the government to improve the market structures in palm cooking oil industries from the upstream,” Ridho said.

For information, based on Central Bureau of Statistic and Ministry of Agriculture, in 2019 there were palm oil plantation mastery gaps between the stakeholders and smallholders.

The smallholders reached 99,92% of the stakeholders’ palm oil plantations but the smallholders mastered 41,35% areas. While the private plantation companies reached 0,07% only of their total palm oil plantations but mastered 54,42%.

"The numbers are much more than what the government mastered which reached 0,01% or mastered 4,23% of the total private plantations,” Ridho said. (T5)