Infrastructure Fund of Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan: To Improve the Ways in the Plantations

Foto by L Budi Candra Setya/Sawit Fest 2021
Infrastructure Fund of Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan: To Improve the Ways in the Plantations

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The smallholders joining in Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan in Village of Sungai Ulak, Sub district of Nalo Tantan, District of Merangin Jambi Province got the advantages from the infrastructure fund delivered by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA). The cooperation with 532 independent smallholders developed by Wilmar now gets fresh fruit bunch (FFB) delivery well.

“85% of the way in the plantations namely for the smallholders joining Koperasi Nalo Tantan were not in good condition. We have to depend on the weather. If it is bright, we could transport FFB out of the plantations. But if it is rainy, the smallholders should get loss for being five to ten days to transport our FFB,” Manager of Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan, Ahmad Fahmi said.

He also mentioned, the infrastructure fund from PFMA to Koperasi Perkasa Nalo Tantan reached Rp 3,37 billion to improve the way in the plantations.

He thought, the numbers are very useful for them because it makes the transportation run smooth to production process, such as, harvesting, delivering FFB.

Fahmi also said, the way improvement makes the nursery activity run well, such as, transporting the fertilizers, and access of the smallholders (to the plantations). The smallholders increase their income for there is no additional cost to transport FFB about Rp 50 – 200 per Kg.

“The FFB quality gets better for the FFB transportation runs in the same day, not like days before, it had to stay at nights. FFB transportation should be less than 24 hours. It means, there is no price cut off because of FFB quality,” Fahmi told.

He continued, the numbers and acceleration of FFB transportation escalate because of the good way. The smallholders spent less to improve their vehicles, such as, spare parts,

He said, the infrastructure fund from PFMA also escalated the smallholders’ awareness to have institution. It is proved that for years many independent smallholders joined to get and make institutions.

The infrastructure fund also escalated their awareness to implement good agricultural practices based on Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO).

He thought, the partnership is one key for independent smallholders to increase sustainable palm oil (production). “Infrastructure fund program from PFMA for the smallholders really delivered the positive o develop sustainable palm oil cultivation,” he said.

He also told, it could be the priority for the independent smallholders who got ISPO certificate as part of benefits and triggers others to get the same ISPO certificate. (T2)