Per June 2022 FFB Price in East Kalimantan Would be Twice A Month

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Per June 2022 FFB Price in East Kalimantan Would be Twice A Month

InfoSAWIT, SAMARINDA – If in the previous fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price of plasma smallholders was published once a month, based on the FFB Team meeting in East Kalimantan, FFB price would be decided twice a month in the province.

This would be running since June 2022 in the second and fourth week in every month. The meeting was led by Ujang Rachmad as the Chairman of FFB Price Team in East Kalimantan. He said, the data needed to decide FFB Price should be delivered to Decision Team, at least one day before conducting the meeting.

Besides K index should be decided at least once a month and used to decide FFB price for two periods of calculation in one month. The data to decide FFB price should be representative, valid, and crude palm oil and palm and kernel is oil selling price.

Data that the companies report can describe the actual condition to get the same good things for many,” Head of Plantation Agency East Kalimantan Province, Ujang Rachmad said, Friday (27/5/2022).

Data used to calculate FFB price should be from shipping price. “If there is no shipping price, it can use contract price,” he said.

Ujang also mentioned, the price decision should be obeyed and run by anyone. If data have significant difference, the team agreed to refer to Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 1 / 2018 Chapter 8 which is, get every result that FFB Price Decision Team would do – twice a month and would communicate intensively. (T2)