Dorab Mistry: The Government of Indonesia Should Export CPO

Dorab Mistry: The Government of Indonesia Should Export CPO

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – In his open letter to some media, palm oil observer and also Director of Godrej International in India, Dorab Mistry urged the Government of Indonesia to immediately export crude palm oil (CPO) before it was banned for three weeks.

Because Indonesia did not export CPO, he predicted the smallholders would be worse in economy.

The advance vegetable oil analyst in the ministry of Malaysia also urged Indonesia to continue its CPO exports, warned that if CPO temporarily stops to get details about domestic marketing obligation (DMO) in Indonesia, it would be misery for the smallholders. This could be big disaster for Indonesia for its CPO stocks reached the highest level or more than seven million tons.

“If CPO exports do not run by the late of May 2022, the storage tanks would be full and the industries would stop operating,” he wrote in his open letter.

After the Government of Indonesia reopened CPO export, the government regulates DMO. The stakeholders are considering the process still and could not do exports. “The exporters postponed their CPO distribution to know the details about the latest regulation,” he said, as quoted from Reuters.

The smallholders have to pay export tax, citations which get much more expensive, which reached US$ 575 per ton. “But the smallholders in Malaysia just paid the tax about US$ 125 per ton only,” Mistry said. (T2)