RMT: Permit to CPO and Its Derivative Exports

RMT: Permit to CPO and Its Derivative Exports

InfoSAWIT, Jakarta – Ministry of Trade published Regulation of Minister of Trade (RMT) Number 30 / 2022 about the Conditions of Crude palm oil (CPO), RBD Palm Oil, RBD Palm Olein, and Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Exports. As quoted from the official page of Ministry of Trade (25/04), Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi emphasized, the CPO re-export activity should refer to the principles that the domestic needs of CPO and economic palm cooking oil price in the society are the major things.

“Following up what President Joko Widodo instructed, the government re-opened CPO, RBD PO, RBD Palm Olein and UCO exports because CPO supply in this country might be enough. But the government confirmed, CPO needs fulfillment and economic palm cooking oil price would be the main things for the government,” Minister Lutfi mentioned.

RMT Number 30/2022 emphasized that every exporter should have Export Approval documents as the condition to get CPO and its derivative export. The Export Approval itself would be available for six months.

There are three conditions to get Export Approval, they are, the exporter should have the evidence to deliver domestic market obligation (DMO) within its domestic price obligation (DPO) to bulk palm cooking oil producers. The second, there should be evidence about DMO distribution of bulk palm cooking oil within its DPO to logistic services in retailers and purchase CPO by not using DPO. The third, there should be evidence to DMO distribution to other producer which ran cooperation among the exporter and other producers about DMO distribution in the first place. Everything should be delivered through Indonesia National Single Window (NISW), in the form of electronic data of business and name of company.

If the exporters do not qualify the condition, there would be administrative sanctions, such as, electronic written warning in INSW, frozen Export Approval, and revocation of Export Approval. (T1)

For more information, please download at: Regulation of Minister of Trade (RMT) Number 30/2022