Digital Innovation in Astra Agro Got Indonesia Most Acclaimed Companies Award

Digital Innovation in Astra Agro Got Indonesia Most Acclaimed Companies Award

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - PT. Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., got award again. Thanks to the innovation, the palm oil plantation company got Indonesia Most Acclaimed Companies Awards 2022. In the event conducted by a media, Astra Agro got the award in Digital Technology to Develop Business Ecosystem, in Agribusiness category.

Advantaging digital technology is one strategy of Astra Agro to escalate its operational. Every information could be seen in real time to ease decision making faster and more accurate. The innovation has been running before Covid-19 hits. The digital innovation delivers much in Astra Agro and the company commits to keep developing.

Mindset of the company was the assessment as well. The judges thought, every company that got award would be able to compete nationally and globally. The other indicator is that digital technology advantage for it measure the mainstay to be implemented by the company.

“Congratulation for every company that got the award today,” Founder and President Commissioner of Warta Ekonomi, Fadel Muhammad said, as in the official statement, Thursday (19/5/2022).

He also thought, Indonesia Most Acclaimed Companies was given to the companies that innovated in business progress in industries, namely when Covid-19 hit. Digital technology innovation should be implemented in a company’s business.

Director of Astra Agro, Hadi Sugeng Wahyudiono appreciated the award. He thought, the award was for every worker in Astra Agro for fully contributing to the company’s operational. Astra Agro successfully implements digitalization to get the excellent operational.

Hadi hoped, this would deliver more spirit to Astra Agro to keep innovating and realize its mission to be "world class operation" and keep being prosperous with the nation, just like the spirit of the company, "Prosper with the nation". (T2)