Aspekpir’s Open Letter for President Joko Widodo to Revoke CPO Export Ban

foto by Rafi Brata Alfanu/Sawitfest 2021 - oil palm plantation ilustration
Aspekpir’s Open Letter for President Joko Widodo to Revoke CPO Export Ban

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In Idul Fitri some time ago, there was no issue about palm cooking oil for it was expensive but is now easily found. It means, crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative export ban could influence the supply in this country.

“For the target is realized, it is the time for the government to revoke the ban,” this is a quotation from smallholders’ open letter joining in Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit PIR-Trans (Aspekpir) for President Joko Widodo as InfoSAWIT recently got.

The ban which has been running since 28 April, is not revoked until now. This destroyed the smallholders’ economy as the upstream actors in palm oil supply chain.

They thought, CPO export ban could be said as the impact for those who did something. The smallholders do not know why palm cooking oil was rare to get. At the time, the smallholders were as common people who were difficult to buy it.

“But the export ban when it was the first time running, we got the impact. We do not know who did it  but now we have to get the impacts,” the smallholders mentioned.

They also mentioned, Aspekpir is the smallholders who had planted palm oil plantations, developed well by the company and the government, and the institution runs well, understands and implements good agricultural practices too. The cooperation sold fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to the mills based on what plantation agency/Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 1 / 2018 decided. We are the ideal smallholders according to Regulation of Plantation.

“Because of the export ban, the mills’ storage tanks where we have contracts, are about to be full. They could not sell their CPO production or to export it because 70% of the markets are to export,” they said.

They continued the infrastructures are expensive when FFB cannot be sold. This makes them more helpless like the wall of their houses falls on them.

Palm oil technically and agronomically should be harvested if it is mature. If not, the plantations would be ROTTEN and would take some time to recover. FFB should be immediately taken to the mills. If not, it would be rotten and if processed, the CPO would be less qualified. If CPO is storaged for too long, it would be in bad quality and will not be good for food.

The world is now lack of vegetable oil and Indonesia where the widest palm oil plantations develop, is in charge to fulfill the demands as part of world civilization.

“That is why Aspekpir firmly asked for President Joko Widodo to revoke export ban. It is urgent. The smallholders’ lives are on the line. President Joko Widodo should not have bad legacy as a president that could destroy palm oil plantations,” the smallholders mentioned. (T2)