More than 1.000 People Signed to Revoke CPO Export Ban

More than 1.000 People Signed to Revoke CPO Export Ban

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm cooking oil is enough to fulfill the people’s needs after crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivative exports were banned by President Joko Widodo (28/4/2022).

The latest situation is that it needs to revoke the ban because it delivers impacts to palm cooking oil supply chain itself.

From what InfoSAWIT knew, there is a site at to support the petition to revoke CPO export ban. It was established on Saturday (14/5) and more than 1.034 people signed it already. It seems the supports would be more knowing that many stakeholders both smallholders and government’s company - get the impacts of the ban.

Here is the highlight of the petition – Crude palm oil (CPO) materials and palm cooking oil export ban in palm cooking oil supply in Indonesia both the mills and smallholders delivered impacts. That is why it is time to revoke the ban. If you agree with it, let us sign the petition to stop export ban. Your call is important for palm oil industries and millions of smallholders nationally.

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