Mills in Sulawesi Still Buy Cheap FFB

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Mills in Sulawesi Still Buy Cheap FFB

InfoSAWIT, MAMUJU – The smallholders joining in Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS) District of Central Mamuju West Sulawesi Province mentioned that many mills still buy smallholders’ fresh fruit bunch (FFB) cheaper than what the government decided.

Chairman of SPKS District of Central Mamuju, Irfan said, there were four mills in the district bought cheaper FFB than what the government decided per May 14th 2022.

This made many ‘ram’ bought less than what the mills bought in the first place. Per 14 May 2022 in five subdistricts or 52 villages where palm oil plantations develop in the district, it was about Rp 1.000 - 1.500/Kg in the ‘ram’.

Irfan also mentioned, what the mills bough violated the price which FFB Team of Central Mamuju decided Number 3802/321/2022 in April 2022 which FFB should actually be Rp 3.000 – 3.100/Kg, based on Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 01/Permentan/KB.120/I/2018 about the Guidelines to FFB Decision on Smallholders’ Production. They urged the government to deliver sanction to the mills.

“Besides about the price in some mills, we suspect that they now limit to buys our production. We know this from the scale in ‘ram’ in every subdistrict that they are closed,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (14/5/2022).

The smallholders have no option because this could run in the future. “We suspect that this has something to do with CPO export ban. We hope the government could re-open the export,” Irfan said. (T2)