Time to Synchronize Narration to Develop Palm Oil Images in Indonesia

Time to Synchronize Narration to Develop Palm Oil Images in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil industries face many challenges, such as, the negative campaign and foreign discriminative polices, such as from European Union.

Covid-19 pandemic, the failed harvest because of climate, and geopolitics in Europe disrupted vegetable oil in the world, namely in European Union.

As it is known, Russia and Ukraine are sunflower oil producers in the world. The war between the two countries made sunflower oil supply rare in some European countries. This is the challenge and opportunity for Indonesia to get wisely as the biggest crude palm oil (CPO) producer in the world.

“Palm oil is significant for our country. When CPO gets more expensive and palm cooking oil gets issue, the people massively react. From now on, we have to develop from the bottom line, get the stable situation from the upstream to downstream sectors,” Deputy in Food and Agribusiness Coordination Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Musdhalifah Machmud said in her speech at a seminar with the theme  “Dinamika dan Perkembangan Terkini Terkait Minyak Sawit dan Minyak Nabati Lain di Uni Eropa”, Wednesday (11/05).

By noticing every dynamics and the latest situation both in or other countries that could influence vegetable oil markets in the world, namely the policies about palm oil in some European countries, it needs to synchronize the same narration for every palm oil stakeholder to prepare positive campaigns, diplomacy programs which are sustainable in international level. (T2)