The Ways to Manage Groups of Work in Palm Oil Plantation

The Ways to Manage Groups of Work in Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Basic Managing Team & Coaching Counselling for Planters. Why is the title ‘Basic’? Because there are series to deepen what and how the title would discuss Managing Team. It also means how we would manage working group that needs soft skills.

Before we continue, we need to understand the connection between hard skill and soft skill. Hard skill is the ability and capability to master technology, science, and skill to develop IQ that has connection in the fields. Soft skill is the skill of behavior of personal and interpersonal that helps to develop someone’s work. The two really relate one to the other. It means if a student wants to work in any field, including in plantation sectors, and junior planters who work for some time and want to get better career, do not focus to master hard skill only but also soft skill. Hard skill is the technical capability, such as, fulfilling data, mastering standard operational procedure, work technics, while soft skill is the ability to master problem solving, how to get communication skill, leadership, and others.

The final is that hard skill is the new and healthy vehicle that we use in every single day to get into. But if it has no good lubricants, the speed will not be optimal and easy to be broken. Our great work will not be seen by management, our career will not be better if there is no soft skill. The successful key to be planters, in general, should have 3 sides, they are, skill, knowledge, and attitude.

Many have failed if mastering these things. Where is the failure? They do not do the three repeatedly and do make the three as their behaviors or characters. Many planters have good skill, knowledge, and attitude. But when facing challenges, pressure or obstacles, they give up. But planters we are hoping here is about to have capability to highly consistent learning so that 3 main sides of the pillars could become successful planters. These are the characters, champion character that makes him reliable person.

Managing Team

Managing Team, at the bottom line, is the management of three points, they are, managing himself by making the basic roles and function of our self – skill effectively, managing work by good leadership, and managing junior levels with many things, such as, delivering effective instruction, coaching and counselling, and other additional things. The bottom line to manage junior level is manage ourselves at the first place then learn to manage work with good leadership, then we can manage junior level effectively and well.

One important thing is that we have to master the factors to motivate others, and ourselves. We have to make the two be equal if we want to manage a team. Everyone wants to be successful, affiliate, and have power by having position. But how would we get the success? It is with the team not for ourselves. The next question is how would we develop others’ success? Of course, we have to be delivering good instruction, conducting coaching, and counseling, delivering feedback, and conducting discipline.

For details, what and how is the coaching? We know, when we talk about juniors’ skills, and maturity, we should divide into four, they are, the first, low maturity (M1) which means, someone is not capable or does not want; the two is, low to medium maturity (M2) which means, someone is not capable but wants and starts getting self – confident; the third, medium to high maturity (M3) which means, someone is able but does not want because he feels not comfortable with our leadership ability; the fourth is able or competent and have will (M4)

We should develop the four points by our leadership style. M1 type should be developed by order style; M2 should be developed by consultation style; M3 should be developed by participation style; and M4 should be developed by delegation style.

There are important things that we should implement to deliver orders effectively. They consist of 5W 2H which mean, what to order, why to order that, where to order, who to order, when to order, how to do, how long and how much to spend and take to do.

Delivering order should base on fact not issue. I repeat that delivering order should be effective in 1) 5W 2H; 2) there are facts behind order; 3) tell with quantitative outcome; 4) continue with PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action).

Pay attention not to delivering wrong order, which means, the order is not clear; disordered order, and others. Before we go to coaching, we need to get into work targets, responsibility, advantages of work targets that the workers and senior level have the same visions. These are important to conduct coaching and counseling and also the feedback. The tips to get work targets starts from giving details of work, time, and the method to use to get work targets (that every order is known by every participant). (*)

By: Edward Simatupang, SP., CH., CMT.

Practitioner and Master Trainer of National and International Certified Plantation

Published on InfoSAWIT, February 2022