CPO Production of Minamas Plantation Increased to be 700 Thousand Tons in 2021

foto by Aceng Sofian/SawitFest 2021
CPO Production of Minamas Plantation Increased to be 700 Thousand Tons in 2021

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil plantation company belonging to the Government of Malaysia that operates in Indonesia, Minamas Plantation got the increasing crude palm oil (CPO) production. In 2021 it reached 700 thousand tons, or increased 16% compared to 2020 production which reached 609 thousand tons only.

CEO Minamas Plantation, Azmi Jaafar said that the increasing production happened for what the company did to maintain the quality and quantity of production such as, routine fertilization.

Azmi said, to get the fertilizer, the company did purchase contract in 2021. “It was not expensive for we had agreement last year to 2022 delivery,” he said in breaking the fast with media, Monday (25/4/2022) in Jakarta.

He continued, of the total CPO production, about 20% were exported. The rests (80%) were sold in the domestic and processed by PT Sime Darby Oils Pulau Laut Refinery (PT SDO Pulau Laut Refinery), or about 407 thousand tons of CPO from the company’s production.

He also mentioned, the increasing CPO price in the globe helped the company’s financial activity because in the same time, the agricultural input price, such as, fertilizers, herbicides, and others get more expensive. Out Fee and Export Citation with the total discount reaching US$ 575/ton.

“For the increasing CPO price in the globe, export citation and out fee do not influence the cashflow of the company for we still have profits,” he said to InfoSAWIT.

The planted areas that Minamas Plantation cultivated laid about 256 thousand hectares. About 191 thousand hectares have been planted in eight provinces.

Minamas Plantation has subsidiary - PT SDO Pulau Laut Refinery within production capacity up to 2.500 tons/day. It operates on a 32 hectare – area and processes CPO to be RBD Palm Oil, RBD Olein, RBD Stearin, Palm Fatty Acid Destilated (PFAD). (T2)