Education to Palm Cooking Oil Consumers

Education to Palm Cooking Oil Consumers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to Chairman of KAINSTIPER, Priyanto PS, the people of Indonesia need to know palm cooking oil sustainably. As the educational institution, Instiper still has its duty to educate the people in general and the students in specific.

The education is about what palm oil is, the fluctuation in selling price, and so on. The people need to know that so that they could understand if palm cooking oil selling price will increase in the future. As the commodity in the globe, many countries need palm cooking oil as food oil.

Educational institutional empowerment like Instiper and the alumni could educate the people sustainably. “Educational institution should directly involve in educating palm cooking oil consumers to realize agriculture and plantation businesses in the future,” Priyanto said.

The good cooperation among the stakeholders from the upstream to downstream sectors and education to palm cooking oil consumers sustainably would be the successful key to develop agriculture in 5.0 era. “Let us work together to develop Indonesian Republic,” he said.

KAINSTIPER also hoped, bulk palm cooking oil in this country could immediately be fulfilled and President Jokowi would revoke the export ban. “If the industries supply bulk palm cooking oil, the government should also help the business world by revoking CPO and its derivative export ban,” he said.

He continued, CPO and palm cooking oil export ban should not last for long because it may make palm cooking oil go to an end nationally and the economy in the regions may too because they depend on palm oil plantations. The ban would destroy the smallholders’ fresh fruit bunch for not being harvested because of limited storage tank to CPO. (T1)