Its Popularity Increased Palm Oil Selling Price

Its Popularity Increased Palm Oil Selling Price

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - The more popular palm cooking oil in the globe is, the more expensive it becomes. It is now sold at Rp 25.000/liter. On the other hand, other vegetable oils get increasing selling price. Every product that the people consumed also gets increasing selling price.

But the expensive selling price of palm cooking oil has its own story. The people in Indonesia highly needs it that caused the female in many towns should be in line to buy bulk palm cooking oil.

According to Chairman of KAINSTIPER, Priyanto PS, the increasing selling price of palm cooking oil happens in the world. It is the same with other kinds of vegetable oil. But the people in Indonesia is unacceptable because the female uses it to cook.

As part of daily needs, palm cooking oil is used by many people to process their foods. That is why it is important for the daily life. “Palm cooking oil has its highest popularity in the society. Every product is almost processed by palm cooking oil and its derivative,” Priyanto said.

Just like the increasing needs and the dynamic in Indonesia, KAINSTIPER supported what President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) instructed to ban CPO, palm cooking oil, and its derivative products until no determined limits. KAINSTIPER also encouraged to improve sustainable palm oil governance in the future.

“We have to support what President Jokowi instructed to fulfill bulk palm cooking oil for the people of Indonesia. this is our same responsibility. Though the president never mentioned the time limit, bulk palm cooking oil stocks at Rp 14.000 per liter for the people of Indonesia are the main priority that we should do together,” he said.

Priyanto also mentioned, the cooperation among the stakeholders from the upstream to downstream sectors nationally is needed to fulfil the stocks for the people. This could increase the stocks in this country and there would be no more line when buying it.

“Palm cooking oil gets more popular in the world. More consumers from other countries use it as food oil. As the impact, the consumers’ demands increased while the stocks mostly derived from Indonesia. It needs to educate the consumers so that there would be no line in the future,” he said. (T1)