4 Mills in Mamuju Bough Cheaper FFB: Smallholders Did Subpoena

4 Mills in Mamuju Bough Cheaper FFB: Smallholders Did Subpoena

InfoSAWIT, CENTRAL MAMUJU– Crude palm oil (CPO) and palm cooking oil export ban were advantaged by irresponsible mills, just like what happened in Central Mamuju, West Sulawesi Province.

At least, there are four mills that bough cheaper fresh fruit bunch (FFB) produced by the smallholders without any discussion, they are, PT. Surya Raya lestari II, PT. TRINITY, PT. GLOBAL, and PT.WKSM.

The subpoena to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (27/4/2022) noted that the four mills broke April Result Meeting of FFB Team produced by the smallholders with the Number 3802/321/2022, based on the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 01/Permentan/KB.120/I/2018 about The Guidelines of FFB Decision Produced by the Smallholders.

The mills also broke the West Sulawesi Governor’s Decision Number 188.4/3/SULBAR/I/2022 on 3 January 2022 about The Establishment of FFB Team Produced by the Smallholders in West Sulawesi Province.

Prior FFB Team met on Friday (8/4/2022) at Grand Maleo Hotel and Convention Mamuju which decided FFB price within K index in big result that reached 86.00%.

“CPO average selling price was Rp 15.126,13 and palm kernel average price was Rp 12.176,60 within the FFB price calculation was attached and available since 9 April 2022,” Irfan representing the smallholders proposed the subpoena.

He also told, by the decision, they appreciated and were happy to the Provincial Government of West Sulawesi, in this case, FFB team for struggling FFB price to remain stable and even get more expensive.

“But none of the mills in Central Mamuju realized it. FFB price got cheaper from the decision. It was only Rp 2.000 per kilogram and there was issue saying that it could be Rp 1.000 per kilogram,” he said.

He continued, the mills might play games with FFB price and never obeyed what the provincial government decided.

He and his friends did subpoena and urged explanation why the four plantation companies that own mill never realized the decision. “This is a loss for us,” Irfan said.

They insisted answers for 3 x 24 hours from the mills because everything is running expensive – the nursery spent costs while FFB price got cheaper.

“If there is no answers for this subpoena in 3x24 hours since 26 April 2022, the people namely the smallholders of Central Mamuju would demonstrate massively in your companies,” he who is also the member of Serikat Petani Kelapa Sawit (SPKS), said. (T2)