FFB Price Got Cheaper: The Mills Broke the Regulation

FFB Price Got Cheaper: The Mills Broke the Regulation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – According to the Regulation of General Director of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, the person or company or mill that cut off fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price produced by smallholders could be legally claimed.

Palm oil observer, Ignatius Ery Kurniawan thought, Indonesia has much difficulty for many females are in line to buy palm cooking oil at subsidized price. That is why, Ery thought, palm oil industries in national scale should prioritize business ethics to welfare many. “Don’t be like one rotten apple spoils the barrel,” he who once was the III Secretary of Indonesian Palm Oil Board in 2009, mentioned.

He also mentioned, the complicated palm oil business condition in the late days is the evidence of palm oil oligarchy which few big companies’ interests mostly dominate that manage the governance in the globe and also in Indonesia.

It is clear that palm oil oligarchy of the stakeholders breaks the general business ethics. Until now palm oil business has been more than 100 year in Indonesia because it prioritizes the people’s welfare in Indonesia in general and around the plantations in specific.

“The smallholders and companies’ workers are parts of backbone of palm oil business in the plantations,” Ery who was also Executive Secretary of Asosiasi Produsen Oleokimia Indonesia (APOLIN) said.

That is why he continued, the one side – decreasing FFB price by the person in mills that took place in the late days should stop. Palm oil business has delivered big profits for the stakeholders themselves.

“The smallholders should unite and report to the legal officers or police if there is a ‘naughty’ mill which does not pay FFB price based on the regional plantation agency regulation.  Take your phone, record a video or capture a photo and make it viral in social media or others so that the police could act the rests,” Ery who is now as General in Chief of InfoSAWIT, said. (T2)