Apical Group Did Bazaar Ramadan in Some Regions to Help the People heading to Idul fitri

Apical Group Did Bazaar Ramadan in Some Regions to Help the People heading to Idul fitri

InfoSAWIT, CILINCING – Apical Group, one advance palm cooking oil company in the globe did bazaar Ramadan by providing 27.000 liters of palm cooking oil at economic price on Wednesday (27/4/2022).

It was running in four regions where Apical Group operates, such as, in Marunda, North Jakarta; Dumai, Riau; Padang, West Sumatera; and Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

The goal is about to give chances for the people to buy economic price palm cooking oil, namely heading to Idul fitri 1443 H.

In North Jakarta it was running by its business unit of Apical Group, PT Asianagro Agungjaya (AAJ) at the yard of Sub district of Cilincing, which was inaugurated by the Head of Subdistrict of Cilincing, M. Andri and Titik Kepala Satuan Pelaksana of Medium, Small Business, Cooperation, and Industry Agency, accompanied by Yudhi Damri, the Manager Social, Security, and License (SSL) & GA Apical Group.

Head of Subdistrict of Cilincing, North Jakarta, M. Andri said, his side supported Apical Group to conduct Bazaar Ramadan heading to Idul fitri 1443 H. The daily needs including palm cooking oil get more expensive.

In the bazar, Apical Group distributed palm cooking oil with the brand - Camar and Harumas premium package in 1 liter and sold at Rp 15.000.

Manager SSL & GA Apical Group, Yudhi Damri said, the bazar is one activity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) #ApicalPeduli which regularly runs in every year heading to religious days, namely Idul fitri.

“At this moment of Ramadan, we try to fulfill the people’s needs on palm cooking oil which mostly gets increasing heading to religious day and sold at economic price. In collaboration with the government, we do hope to deliver real advantages for the people around which it is the same with our company’s philosophy – the company should be delivering the good for community,” Yudhi said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

In other shot, Apical Group did participate in many Bazaar Ramadan that the government’s instances did, such as, Coordinator Ministry in Economy on 4 - 5 April 2022 by distributing 4.000 liters of palm cooking oil and Ministry of Trade which distributed 3.000 liters and sold at Rp 15.000 per liter on 20 - 22 April 2022.

Not only that during the fasting days, Apical Group Dumai, Marunda, Padang, and Balikpapan delivered thousands of daily needs packages by conducting “Safari Ramadhan” for the people in need where the companies operate. Through #ApicalPeduli, Apical Group hoped to relieve the people’s burden namely those in needs around the companies operate. (T2)