TR is Officially Non - Actived in IPOA

TR is Officially Non - Actived in IPOA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) officially non-activated TR as the coordinators in the institution dealing with palm oil sectors. The goal is that every legal process that drags vice chairman of IPOA could run well.

General Secretary of IPOA, Eddy Martono said, the non-active coordinator was decided in the internal organization and to smooth every legal process which is running. “After our internal meeting, we decide to non-activate TR in the coordinators. We never revoke or stop him. This is for him, to get the legal process run well,” he said to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (22/4/2022).    

Eddy also mentioned, for some time, III Vice Chairman (dealing with trade and sustainability) would be handled by the Chairman of IPOA (Joko Supriyono).

Eddy was sorry for the case but should respect the legal process and encouraged the process to prioritize presumption of innocence.

Prior the Attorney on Tuesday (19/4/2022) declared the suspects of bribe assumption on palm cooking oil export publication permit. They are former General Director of Foreign Trade Ministry of Trade (IWW), Commissioner of PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia (MPT), Senior Manager Corporate Affair Permata Hijau Group (SM), and General Manager General Affair of PT. Musim Mas (TP).

To accelerate the investigation process, the four suspects are now arrested in Rumah Tahanan Negara (Rutan) Salemba Cabang Kejaksaan Agung for twenty days since 19 April 2022 to 8 May 2022, according to Arrest Letter of Directorate of Investigation of Junior Attorney for Special Crime. (T2)