Elementary Students of Bumitama Campaigned Eco-print Shopping Bags – To reduce Plastic Bags

Elementary Students of Bumitama Campaigned Eco-print Shopping Bags – To reduce Plastic Bags

InfoSAWIT, KENDAWANGAN – As one elementary school that got predicate as Sekolah Adiwiyata in West Kalimantan, Sekolah Dasar Swasta (SDS) Bumitama Metro Kendawangan which is part of palm oil plantation company, PT GKG BGA Group region VI, got initiative to campaign eco-print shopping bags which are environmental.

The school which is in Village of Banjar Sari, Sub district of Kendawangan, District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province started campaigning eco-print shopping bags as part of environmental protection supports and minimizing plastic bags which is not environmental.

According to Central Bureau of Statistic, plastic waste in Indonesia reached 64 million tons per year. 3,2 million tons should be floating to the sea. Plastic bags which were thrown away to the environment reached about 10 billion pieces per year or about 85.000 tons.

By using eco-print shopping bags, it is hoped, plastic bags can be minimized to use. It is more environmental because it can be re-useable. It is made of strong quality, easy to carry as well. Eco-print shopping bags were made by five grade - students of SDS Bumitama Metro Kendawangan.

One teacher of SD Bumitama Metro Kendawang, Yesi Sembiring said, the students were enthusiastic and it is useful for them because we also teach them how to take care of the environment. Eco-print shopping bags are the way to develop their creativity, ideas, and train them to imagine what motive they would draw.

It was campaigned not only in the school but also in the surrounding when the people around the palm oil plantation company want to shop at minimarket of PT GKG BGA Group region VI Kendawangan.

Principle of SDS Bumitama Metro, M. Arjuna said, this is the realization and implementation of our school heading to get Adiwiyata in national level. “We do campaign about reducing plastic bags around our surroundings and school,” he said, as quoted from Delikcom in the early days of April.

School coordinator region IV, Selvianus Awik said, the activity is as the implementation of 3 R (reduce, recycle, and reuse) which means, to reduce plastic wastes. “The students, the teachers, and the people should minimize and reduce plastic bags, and use shopping bags when shopping. Hopefully everyone will be aware of the danger of using plastic bags,” he said.

Corporate Social Responsibility of BGA region VI, Syahroni said, the activity was very important part of the same awareness to minimize plastic bag use from the early days. It is hoped to reduce dependence of plastic bag use. “And would reduce one issue that threatens environmental conservation from plastic waste,” Syahroni said. (T2)