Indonesian Legislators: PFMA and Ministry of Agriculture Should Prioritize SRP

Indonesian Legislators: PFMA and Ministry of Agriculture Should Prioritize SRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency and General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture should prioritize every help and knowledge transfer in people and smallholders palm oil plantations.

Data from Ministry of Agriculture revealed that smallholders’ replanting program (SRP) realization was small in numbers, for instance, in 2021 the realization covered 15,41% or about 27,747 hectares from the target about 180 thousand hectares.

Member of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Andi Akmal Pasluddin said, 2022 should be the last period to realize the target - 540 thousand hectares. But until 24 February 2022, SRP realization just covered 1.199 hectares of 0,67%.

“The data showed that SRP runs very slowly. The government should clearly explain how to accelerate the program to get the targets considering that the people’s plantations are almost as wide as the big companies’ plantations,” he said in the press release, Thursday (14/4/2022).

He also said, if the smallholders’ plantation productivity increases, the revenue will be too. But the government’s first supports are in need to make smallholders produce big and qualified fresh fruit bunch.

That is why the government should allocate more helps for them to develop because many technical issues are ahead which psychologically have something to do with SRP.

They are complicated, such as, bureaucracy, socialization, development, legal areas, work plans, responsible reports, difficult access of superior seeds, infrastructures, partnership, additional fund, and the check of law officers. (T2)