Apical Group Educated Healthy Palm Cooking Oil with Media

Apical Group Educated Healthy Palm Cooking Oil with Media

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Apical Group, one advance vegetable oil industry in the globe broke the fasting with media with the theme about how to use healthy palm cooking oil.

It started by cooking kinds of food in the breaking, such as, noodle, seafood pecel, coconut pie that was demonstrated by Technical Baker Apical Group, Chef Teddy Kosasih and Chef Heri Teguh Mulyono. The demonstration itself used sustainable palm cooking oil products produced by Apical Group.

At the time, Apical Group also informed about kinds of palm cooking oil that the company produced and sold.

Head of Commercial B2C Sales & Marketing Apical Group, Ardiahty mentioned, many people do not know the different kinds of palm cooking oil in the markets. Ardiahty mentioned in general there are four kinds of palm cooking oil, they are, bulk palm cooking oil, simple package palm cooking oil, premium palm cooking oil, and solid cooking oil.

“The difference is in the packaging. Bulk palm cooking oil has no label while simple package palm cooking oil is packaged in more economic or about 1 liter. The premium palm cooking oil is packaged in more exclusive and have more variety,” she said in gathering media and Bukber Puasa Ramadhan that InfoSAWIT joined, Thursday (15/4/2022) in Jakarta.

Diah her nick name told solid cooking oil has the same function as palm cooking oil but it is in solid not liquid. The other difference is that common palm cooking oil can be directly pour to fry while the solid should be melted in the first place.

Solid cooking oil is soft in texture, such as, cream and has no taste and will not change the original taste of the food, just like the regular cooking oil. Solid cooking oil is mostly used to get deep frying, such as, churros, potato, and other and would make them juicy and crunchy.

Senior Manager IDEAS (R&D) Apical Group, Fajar Marhaendra mentioned, Apical always commits to create innovative products as part of what domestic and other markets need of.

Until now Apical Group produces palm cooking oil with the brands - Camar, Harumas, VIP; solid palm cooking oil with the brands - Frybest, Frybest Plus, and Superfry. While in margarine, Apical produces Marigold, Vitas, Medalia, and Bakeria.

He thought, the brands are the innovation from where he works at as part of product differentiation in Apical with other products in the markets.

“We keep trying to create high quality and sustainable products by paying attention to health aspect to fulfill what the consumers need of,” Fajar said. (T2)