Astra UD Truck Quester Euro 5: Needs Palm Oil Biodiesel

Astra UD Truck Quester Euro 5: Needs Palm Oil Biodiesel

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Indonesia is providing environmental products in 2022 namely in automotive. This is the same with the government’s plans about exhaust gas emission of Euro 4 which would be implemented in the very short.

UD Trucks cannot stay still but join to officially launch the latest quester model that fulfills Euro 5 standards on 24 March 2022.

There are two kinds of technology that fulfill the exhaust gas emission standards as what the government decided, they are. selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). EGR is a must for truck owners to use fuel in sulfur maximally 50 ppm and or equal to Pertamina Dex.

Chief Executive Astra UD Trucks, Winarto Martono said considering the government’s regulation about exhaust gas emission should be equal to Euro 4 and the interests of truck owners in Indonesia, UD Trucks decided to use SCR that can adapt to kinds of fuel, including biodiesel mixture 30% or B30 or subsidized diesel. But it produces exhaust gas emission of Euro 5. This could be the right solution to what the government regulated and the truck owner’s interests in Indonesia,

“Quester Euro 5 uses the same machine with Quester which was launched in 2015 which is the commonrail that is assembled with SCR. This could protect the machine to run well in time and safely by spraying urea liquid (AdBlue) to the exhaust,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

This technology operates in optimal machine temperature and would deliver advantage for the businessmen. Fuel consumption would be more efficient but there is nothing to service the machine. Every spare-part would relatively be the same and would ease the truck owners to procure parts, educate the mechanic, and drivers as well.

The latest Quester passed emission test from independent testers and got NOx which was from Euro 5 limits. It means, Quester fulfills Euro 5 emission standards though it uses biodiesel or B30 or subsidized diesel. Besides, Quester Euro 5 has been listed to get Sertifikasi Uji Tipe (SUT) at Ministry of Transportation to be on the road-test,” Winarto Martono said.

SCR technology uses Ad Blue as the liquid to reduce NOx at exhaust from the machine and this is the same standards in Euro 5. Ad Blue reaches 3 - 5% from the fuel used. If one liter of diesel is used to get 3 Km, 1 liter of Ad Blue could be used to get 75 Km.

In general, truck businessmen run their vehicle per unit per month for about 6000 km. It means, diesel would be about 2000 liters and Ad Blue could be about 80 liters or Rp 800.000 per month.

Ad Blue is in 10 liter – jerry can. For the first buying of Quester Euro 5 we would give it free for our customers for about 800 liters that will be divided in four phases of delivery. For information, Ad Blue tank in Quester Euro 5 would be about 50 liters and we would educate our customers to provide 1 jerry can of Ad Blue to be the backup in emergency and would be in the truck cabin. It is not dangerous or easy to burn. It is safe to keep in storage.

Besides, to control Ad Blue usage, the driver can see its indicator in the truck dashboard, such as, fuel indicator. On the other hand, the businessmen or operator of our customers can monitor Ad Blue use through telematic feature accurately and update. (T2)