Wilmar Involved the People to Prevent Fire

Wilmar Involved the People to Prevent Fire

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The socialization and cooperation with the local people around palm oil plantation could be the main key to prevent fire in the forests and areas successfully. That is why it is a must.

Sustainability Head Wilmar Pujuh Kurniawan mentioned that the company always involves the people to prevent fire because they are one main stakeholder that are in the surroundings. Within good cooperation, the hotspot would be prevented and immediately handled over.

“By awakening the awareness of the loss from the fire, the people would involve in preventing the fire,” Pujuh said in the fire prevention socialization that PT AMP Plantation, Wilmar Group conducted in Balai Desa Tiku V Jorong, Agam, West Sumatera (12/4/2022).

The socialization was attended by about 50 villagers of Tiku V Jorong and leaders from Sub district of Tanjung Mutiara; Police Chief of Agam, AKP Fahrel Faris; Regional Disaster Management Agency, Rinaldi; Army Chief 0704 Agam represented by Danramil-03/Lubuk Mayor (Kav) Deswanto; and Head of Technical Unit of Forestry Agam, Andi Junaidi.

This is an annual socialization that every subsidiary of Wilmar Group does. Besides in the concession areas, the socialization could also prevent the fire around the company’s operational areas.

The company also actively involves in Fire Free Alliance (FFA) which the members are derived from many companies that commit to zero burning. Wilmar also implement No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) and zero burning policy to realize sustainable palm oil plantations.

In the shot, AKP Fahrel Faris said, the fire in the forest and areas can be categorized as crime for the actors, including someone who told or did the fire. “The crime would be convicted not only to the actor but also to the legal institution that caused the fire,” he said.

He emphasized, the good cooperation and collaboration among the government, the people, and others could be the significant key to prevent the fire in the forests and areas. (T2)