Asian Agri 2030: Synergic Commitment between Palm Oil and SDGs Realization

Asian Agri 2030: Synergic Commitment between Palm Oil and SDGs Realization

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – One big palm oil plantation company in Indonesia, Asian Agri which is part of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) Group held breaking the fast with some media, Tuesday (12/4/2022). In the ceremony, Asian Agri delivered the commitment of the company to be in synergy in realizing sustainable development goals (SDG) called Asian Agri 2030.

Sustainability commitment of Asian Agri 2030 consists of four strategic pillars, they are, partnership with smallholders, inclusive development, positive climate, and responsible production. These four are the same with United Nations SDGs.

The goal and vision of the company to implement the pillars are about to increase the quality of life by developing sustainable resources through series of program and initiatives that will be delivering the positive.

Director of Sustainability & Stakeholder Relations Asian Agri, Bernard A. Riedo, said, Asian Agri 2030 is a ten year – business strategy to make sure that the business sustainably runs.

“This is the same with group philosophy which is 5Cs – Good for Community, Country, Climate, Customer, and Company,” he said.

Head of Operations Asian Agri, Omri Samosir said, Asian Agri 2030 is the long term – strategy of the company that would focus on the pillars and targets that have been declared.

“These commitments encourage us to know deeper our operational and business sustainably. They need collaboration from every stakeholder to realize what we have targeted,” Samosir said.

Lecturer of Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Bayu Krisnamurthi said Asian Agri 2030 is one program to support SDGs. “This is good and needs appreciation. Hopefully, many companies do the same – just like Asian Agri does,” he said. (T2)