Musim Mas and Sinar Mas Socialized Sustainable Palm Oil to Suppliers in Aceh

Musim Mas and Sinar Mas Socialized Sustainable Palm Oil to Suppliers in Aceh

InfoSAWIT, ACEH – Two palm oil plantation companies in Indonesia, Musim Mas Group and Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food did the second workshop and Diskusi Kelompok Terpumpun (DKT) for fresh fruit bunch (FFB) suppliers in Langsa and Kuala Simpang, Aceh Province. It was about to emphasize their obedience to sustainability principles.

The two day - second collaborative workshop was joined by 55 participants from supplier mill representatives, traders, local smallholders, regional officers, and civil organizations.

It will enable the two companies to reach their suppliers out of supply chain from the two companies. It is significant for every stakeholder, including smallholders to take participation and support. The partnership in landscape is important to encourage big scale industrial transformation.

The collaborative workshop discussed three major topics, they were, fulfillment to zero deforestation, zero peat, and zero exploitation or (No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation/NDPE); Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificate, and traceability to the plantation (TTP). Through the sessions, the participants got insight that it is important to obey NDPE, got ISPO certificate for the long - term sustainability. NDPE obedience to Indonesia’s palm oil product acceptance in the markets globally, good transparency, communication to NDPE obedience were discussed in the workshop.

Director of Sustainability, Musim Mas, Olivier Tichit said, the participants’ enthusiastic feeling reflected that it is important in supply chain. This is the element key in “Strategi Aceh” to contribute in sustainable agricultural production,” he said.

Olivier also mentioned the workshop encouraged the implementation NDPE concept and how it would be realized by the mills, local traders, and smallholders as well. It was running full of enthusiastic, confidence.

Head of Traceable and Transparent Production, Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Wahyu W. Wijayanti said that the workshop with Musim Mas was the commitment of the company to realize sustainable palm oil industrial transformation. We did not socialize NDPE conditions only but also listened to and involved other stakeholders to solve their challenges in sustainable palm oil implementation.

“We hope, this would open opportunity for other programs to support our supply chain in implementing good agronomy practice (GAP), best management practice (BMP), and got certificates both for the company and the smallholders,” Wijayanti said. (T2)