Consumer Goods Should Use Sustainable Palm Oil

Consumer Goods Should Use Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Indonesia could produce 10,8 million tons of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in 2021. But in the same period, CSPO consumption reached only 484.200 tons.

“Indonesia is potential to sustainable palm oil markets to grow as same as the increasing CSPO production. Consumer goods should use and consume it,” Deputy Director Market Transformation (Indonesia), Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Mahatma Windrawan Windrawan said.

Just like Windrawan, Indonesia Sustainability Lead for Wilmar International, Pujuh Kurniawan told that Wilmar is committed to sustainable practices and obey RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C), including time bond plan (TBP) which becomes the commitment of the company. Though it is in Covid-19 pandemic, the company keeps implementing practices of sustainability.

“The proof is that we successfully got RSPO certificates for our two mills and suppliers in 2020 to 2021. One mill is in Indonesia and the other one is in Nigeria,” Pujuh told, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He continued, Wilmar Group keeps supporting and struggling for the sustainable production and sources globally, namely in Indonesia. We have substantial Commercial Footprint. “We realize that we are not only as advance producer in the world but also the biggest among consumers. There are big chances to get ecolabel and sustainable palm oil in Indonesia,” he said.

CSPO demands in Indonesia still limit to consumer goods which become the RSPO members that commit to absorb it, operate, and market in Indonesia. Besides, sustainability is not the main factor to influence consumers’ decision. That is why, some Wilmar’s products having RSPO certificate is for the global markets.

Wilmar Group also emphasized that ISPO as one obedience to the industries operating in Indonesia, plays important roles to support sustainable palm oil production, complete RSPO certificate which is voluntarily got knowing that ISPO is the obligation and cover wider perspective that RSPO in Indonesia. By ISPO approach and empowerment progressively and consistently, ISPO is very potential to promote sustainable production and acceptance in the future.


Encourage Big Brands to Involve

The support on sustainable palm oil is from Musim Mas Group. Ever since RSPO was established, Musim Mas is the first plantation company that joined it in 2004 and successfully got the first RSPO certificate in 2009. Besides, the company got 100% RSPO certificate for its mills which are integrated with its palm oil plantations.

“By June 2021, Musim Mas successfully got 100% RSPO certification for its 15 mills which are integrated with palm oil plantation based on the latest P&C RSPO,” Director of Sustainability Musim Mas, Olivier Tichit said to InfoSAWIT.

Musim Mas Group is fully committed to ISPO certificate which is mandatory in Indonesia. The support on sustainable palm oil is the same with the increasing and promising domestic markets which runs together with RSPO through the scheme available and independent smallholders which becomes the parts of certified supply chain.

In November 2021, Musim Mas Group supported 2.295 independent smallholders to get RSPO certificate within the total plantations about 5.944,77 hectares.

Besides them, Musim Mas Group also supported the plantations in partnership, such as, Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota (KKPA) and Kebun Kas Desa (KKD). By June 2021, 5.785 hectares of the plasma plantations got RSPO certificate.

Musim Mas Group also encouraged big consumer goods products to use sustainable palm oil for their products.

In Indonesia, palm oil consumers mostly do not care about sustainability. It is important to communicate the advantages of CSPO and help the consumer to get the best decision in the future.

The increasing CSPO consumption in Indonesia should encourage sustainable plantations that smallholders cultivate and process it in this country to be the pride of Indonesia to get the higher values nationally.

Back to Windrawan, as same as the commitment of the company, he also emphasized that it is important to increase sustainable palm oil demands in this country from the famous consumer goods products that uses sustainable palm oi. The famous brands, such as, Mc Donald, KFC, and CFC that use palm oil to fry their products should increase their things to get 100% CSPO to make sure that forests are protected, natural diversity runs well, and human rights are realized.

“The same commitment from the famous brands in Indonesia is really needed to support sustainable palm oil absorption which is promoted in this country,” he said. (T1)

Source: InfoSAWIT, March 2022