Steam Power Plant in Berau Uses Palm Oil Shell to Reduce Emission

Steam Power Plant in Berau Uses Palm Oil Shell to Reduce Emission

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To reduce gas emission in Indonesia Steam Power Plant Berau in East Kalimantan uses palm oil shell (the waste) to its main fuel within 5% of palm oil shell and 95% of coal through co-firing biomassa program.

General Manager PT PLN Unit Induk Pembangkitan dan Penyaluran (UIKL) Kalimantan, Daniel Eliawardhana said co-firing program is the target acceleration to renewable energy mixer that reaches 23% in 2025 without building new power plant but by substituting some coal with biomass.

As in the official statement, Steam Power Plant Berau has 2 x 7 megawatt - capacity and becomes one of power plants in the island that implements biomass substitution technology with coal.

Daniel also explained that the renewable energy mixer has been running since May 2021 by advantaging more than 500 tons of palm oil shell.

He thought, co-firing program could reduce coal uses in power plant. In thebig scale and years to do, this would reduce emission from the steam power plant operational.

“Palm oil shell has higher calories than it in coal used in Buerau Steam Power Plant. Technically, co-firing program also supports the efficiency in PT PLN Steam Power Plant,” Daniel explained.

To maintain the continuous supply of palm oil shell, PT PLN is in cooperation with unions and local people that co-firing program would be having positive economy for the people in Bureau namely to advantage the people’s palm oil plantation waste.

Prior the same program ran in five steam power plants in Kalimantan, they are, Steam Power Plant of Asam-asam in South Kalimantan; Steam Power Plant of Pulang Pisau in Central Kalimantan; Steam Power Plant of Sintang, Steam Power Plant of Ketapang, and Steam Power Plant of Sanggau in West Kalimantan. (T2)