In fact, Palm Oil is Good for Human Body

In fact, Palm Oil is Good for Human Body

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Director of PT Nutri Palma Nabati, Darmono Taniwiryono said good palm oil is (healthy) fat oil which has beta carotene, vitamin E within high concentration, Co-Q10, lycopene, DAG, MAG, ALB, low Omega 6, has no cholesterol, trans-fat, 3-MCPD, and GE.

“When I was in Africa, I saw that may people consumed red palm oil without any process of refine and deodorization. The people of Africa are seldom to use glasses,” Darmono said in a webinar with the theme “Tren Bisnis Pangan dan Kuliner UKMK Berbasis Minyak Sawit Sehat” in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/3/2022) that InfoSAWIT joined.

He also mentioned, vitamin E in palm oil is in the form of tocotrienol. This is higher in numbers that it in other vegetable oils. “The potential of anti-oxidant is much higher than it from other vegetable oils. As anti-oxidant, tocotrienol in palm oil is 16 times powerful than tocopherol,” Darmono said.

He continued, saturated fat in palm oil is good for human body. The people may not realize to consume virgin coconut oil which has saturated fat up to 90%. In every breast milk, saturated fat could reach 37%.

“The people should not worry about consuming saturated fat for ever since he was born, he consumed palm oil from breast milk,” he said.

He also told, virgin red palm oil can be multiplied in food and beverage. For example, virgin red palm oil can be added to instant noodle, cake, coffee or milk.

“From laboratory test, cake using virgin red palm oil has beta-carotene up to 45 IU. It means, it has higher vitamin E because its tolerance to high temperature,” he said. (T2)