Iceland Needs More Sustainable Palm Oil

Iceland Needs More Sustainable Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) reported that Malaysia is ready to help and fulfill every condition in sustainable palm oil to substitute sunflower oil when it gets decreasing in stock for Iceland supermarket.

Chairman of MPOC, Larry Sng Wei Shien said, sustainable palm oil is the good substitution for sunflower oil. “The war in Ukraine impacts to the supply and avaidable food price. Malaysia is ready to help,” he said, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

On Monday (28/3/2022), Daily Telegraph reported that Iceland Foods Ltd., was forced to cancel palm oil ban from its production after decreasing supply of sunflower oil.

Prior in 2018, supermarket Iceland promised to vanish palm oil from its own brand because the assumption saying that palm oil is one main factor in deforestation.

Larry Sng Wei Shien said that the campaign of Iceland Foods fought for palm oil always ignores the industrial change to be sustainable instead of prioritizing every issue that corners palm oil as the headline news.

“The facts showed that palm oil is more efficient than sunflower oil. We could fulfill every demand in United Kingdom and Europe by producing palm oil from narrow area and would realize our ambition to 100% sustainable palm oil in its process, he said, as quoted from The Edge Markets. (T2)