Indonesian Legislators: Palm Cooking Oil Agents Must Have Tax ID Numbers

Indonesian Legislators: Palm Cooking Oil Agents Must Have Tax ID Numbers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The rareness of cooking palm oil which has been since the early of 2022 may occur that Ministry of Trade did not deeply study the case. Chairman of Commission IV Indonesian Legislators, Sudin thought, the ambiguous policy delivered palm cooking oil rareness and problematic distribution.

In the hearing to discuss food issues nationally, he said that the regulation made traders choose to stop selling palm cooking oil and wait for the latest regulation.

“Besides, price disparity and no Tax ID Numbers by the agents could be the factors to problematic palm cooking oil distribution,” he said when leading the hearing with chairman of Asosiasi Minyak Makan Indonesia (AIMMI); chairman of Industri Minyak Nabati Indonesia (GIMNI) at Gedung Nusantara, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/3/2022).

He also recommended that there is no tolerance for the agent if they have no Tax ID Numbers. “That is why I told, no more agency to publish. Tax ID Numbers are the obligation for the citizens of Indonesia, namely the traders. If it is needed, no tolerance. If it is tolerated, they think, it is easier,” he said.

After hearing the opinions from the two association, Commission IV would do hearing with Commission VI, VII, and another related instance. It has scheduled. He personally discussed about this issue with Ombudsman.

“I got consultation with Ombudsman. I told (about palm cooking oil). This is about regulation and should be improved, not only from (ministry) the trade but also about industry that distributes palm cooking oil,” he said. (T2)