Commission XI: Gap in Biodiesel Incentive and SRP

Commission XI: Gap in Biodiesel Incentive and SRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Member of Commission XI Indonesian Legislators, Mukhamad Misbakhun discussed about budget that Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) managed. In the description, the budget for smallholders replanting program (SRP) reached Rp 1,34 billion while biodiesel incentive reached Rp 51,951 billion.

He also questioned why it happened knowing that the prior mission of PFMA is smallholders replanting program.

In the hearing with directors of PFMA at Gedung Nusantara I, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/3/2022), he also questioned the roles of PFMA about legal palm oil plantations.

Other member of Commission XI Indonesian Legislators, Fauzi Amru also focused about legal areas as the conditions to conduct SRP. He thought, National Land Agency functions to legalize palm oil plantations, PFMA plays its role to manage the finance (fund) to prioritize SRP.

Prior Director of PFMA, Eddy Abdurrachman said, the smallholders’ legal palm oil plantation is one challenge to distribute SRP fund.

About financial management, Eddy mentioned, the fund that PFMA gathered is from levy and citation which were invested in deposit and government bonds.

In his explanation, Eddy delivered that by 28 February 2022, PFMA got profits up to Rp 103,9 billion in total and more than Rp 20 billion are invested. (T2)