8 Palm Cooking Oil Companies Could do Cartel: KPPU Got Evidences

8 Palm Cooking Oil Companies Could do Cartel: KPPU Got Evidences

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the press conference at the office of Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU), Jakarta, Tuesday (29/3/2022), Director of Investigation, KPPU, Gopprera Panggabean mentioned, there were 8 big palm cooking oil producers that might do cartel.

KPPU found it after getting information from 44 related instances, starting from the producers, retailers, associations, distributors, governments, and packaging companies. Panggabean told, his side would investigate the big eight that master the markets while the smaller producers are only price followers.

The 8 producers master 72% of crude palm oil (CPO) markets in Indonesia. he told, one strong proof indicated to do cartel which is, direct information from 44 related instances about palm cooking oil, distribution documents, and product orders before they were distributed.

Panggabean continued, the proof, such as, purchase order, documents of transportation, level services are the information. “When someone told the supply process before and after everything ran, the documents revealed everything. We have documentation,” he said, as quoted from Kompas.

Panggabean also mentioned, KPPU would investigate if the selling price that is assumed done by stakeholders, is different from being conducted stakeholders that might do cartel. If so, this would support the evidences that palm cooking oil cartel runs.

Prior, KPPU did law enforcement since 26 January 2022 to fet proof for breaking Regulation Number 5 / 1999 about the expensive palm cooking oil since the late of 2021, according to what KPPU studied.

In the first process of law enforcement, the investigation team invited and asked data from 44 related instance, particularly producers, distributors, associations, the governments, packaging companies, and retailers.

The investigation focused to fulfill every chapter that might break (the regulation), the ID of suspect, the search of one additional proof. The investigation came to a conclusion that there was chapter which was violated and getting two proofs. That is why the law enforcement went on to preliminary investigation by Committee Meeting. (T2)