Supermarket Iceland Now Uses Palm Oil; Prior It Rejected

Supermarket Iceland Now Uses Palm Oil; Prior It Rejected

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – For sunflower oil cannot be found anywhere, food producers that banned palm oil now use palm oil as their material to fry their food.

For instance, Supermarket Iceland. In 2018 Iceland promised to vanish palm oil from their own food products but now they change and use palm oil.

The supermarket banned it by saying palm oil is one factor of deforestation in tropical forests.

Managing Director Iceland, Richard Walker feels sorry for breaking its promise to vanish palm oil from every production of theirs.

“One alternative is to use palm oil. In this case, nowadays situation is about to fulfill our refrigerator by kinds of daily food materials including potato foods,” he said, as quoted from Daily Telegraph .

Walker mentioned, this is the last thing and temporary option. The supermarket would only use sustainable palm oil as the material.

Meanwhile palm oil industrial observer of Malaysia, MR Chandran said, finally Iceland realizes that they could not fulfill its refrigerator with food without palm oil as the material, he said as quoted from Bernama.

When rejecting palm oil, Supermarket Iceland assigned Greenpeace to tape video Rang Tan in November 2018 to increase Christmas selling of Iceland.

The Daily Telegraph also reported the UK food producer warned that vegetable oil stocks could not be found for the next several weeks because sunflower oil cannot be out of Russia and Ukraine.

Now the two countries are in war. The two master hardly 70% of sunflower oil markets whole over the world. (T2)