The ‘Damang’ in Seruyan Forced to Do ‘Hinting’ Rite around PT SLM’s Mill

The ‘Damang’ in Seruyan Forced to Do ‘Hinting’ Rite around PT SLM’s Mill

InfoSAWIT, SERUYAN – Hundreds of indigenous people led by many ‘damang’ in District of Seruyan forced to get inside of palm oil mill of PT Salonok Ladang Mas (SLM) – the subsidiary of Union Sampoerna Triputra Persada (USTP) in Sub district of Sembuluh, District of Seruyan, Thursday (24/3) and almost chaotic.

The mass happened after General Manager of PT SLM, Riodyxman Sagala who came ahead to get the people was pushed by demonstrators. Lucky for him, Riodyxman was immediately secured by police member of Seruyan away from the spot to other.

As quoted from DayakNews, the people wanted to conduct ‘Hinting Pali’ rite around the mill of SLM for the company is assumed to break the tradition. “This is not private but about custom because PT SLM does not fulfill what the people protested after fifty days since customary court was held on 7 February 2022. This is the reason why we need to conduct ‘Hinting Pali’ rite,” one damang mentioned.

Prior there were chaos between indigenous people because the location as the factor of problem was not match. But the company got five representations of them (to discuss the problem).

Until noon, there was no solution in the mediation process. The indigenous people eventually wanted to conduct ‘Hinting Pali’ rite right in front of PT SLM’s mill and shut down every fresh fruit bunch operational.

One villager, Amitro who did not agree with the action mentioned, ‘Hinting Pali’ rite should be conducted in the dispute areas not in front of the mill where many villagers of Sembuluh also work at the palm oil company.

“The dispute area is not in the mill but out of the mill. Many of our friends also work at the mill to earn their livings. We do not agree with this,” he said.

The other villager of Sembuluh, Amin said the same. Central Kalimantan and Indonesia are lack of palm cooking oil but why did Dewan Adat Dayak District of Seruyan helped by Batamad Kalteng wanted to shut down the activity in the mill? “This mill should produce to produce palm cooking oil which is difficult to get,” he said. (T2)