Independent Smallholders in District of Ketapang Declared to Implement ISPO and RSPO

Independent Smallholders in District of Ketapang Declared to Implement ISPO and RSPO

InfoSAWIT, AIR UPAS – Two independent smallholders’ groups, they are, Perkumpulan Mitra Harapan (PMH) which is developed by PT. HSL, and Perkumpulan Swadaya Poliplant (PSP) which is developed by PT. PSA in District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan declared to implement Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The declaration is realized after a long process or since June 2021 through empowerment program for independent smallholders to ISPO and RSPO certificates by PT. HSL dan PT. PSA. The program was supported by IDH and JDE, and in the implementation program, it will be in cooperation with Yayasan FORTASBI Indonesia.

Director of Cultivation and Plantation Product Marketing General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Junaedi told West Kalimantan could be one center of excellence province from sustainable palm oil development.

He also supports to empower the independent smallholders’ institutions by hoping that palm oil in Indonesia could be known as sustainable and environmental product. “This needs much support,” he said in the declaration, Friday (26/3/2022), that InfoSAWIT attended.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Yayasan FORTASBI Indonesia, H. Narno hoped that the development to get ISPO and RSPO certificate in District of Ketapang can go on with the declaration by PMH and PSP as the certified ones.

It was online declaration and some stakeholders from the government, companies, RSPO and independent smallholders joined it.

For notes, Perkumpulan Mitra Harapan (PMH) has 393 smallholders as the members within about 1.547 hectares while Perkumpulan Swadaya Poliplant (PSP) has 2.543 members within about 4.493 hectares.

Though the development process faced many challenges, such as, Covid-19 that postponed many things to do, the development agenda ran well. Since 10 February to 18 March 2022, 817 smallholders as the members of PMH and PSP got trainings about ISPO, RSPO, high conservation value (HCV), high carbon stock (HCS), and financial literacy. In the future, the target would cover more than 4.000 smallholders would get ISPO and RSPO training until 2023. (T2)