CEPOV Itera-1: A Vehicle with Pure Palm Oil Fuel

CEPOV Itera-1: A Vehicle with Pure Palm Oil Fuel

InfoSAWIT, BANDARLAMPUNG – To get conclusion on village transportation needs, lecturer and students from engineering Institut Teknologi Sumatera (Itera) officially launched a rural vehicle with pure palm oil as fuel. It is called Combustion Engine Palm Oil Vehicle or CEPOV Itera-1.

Director of Itera, Prof Mitra Djamal said, CEPOV Itera-which was assembled since November 2021 was designed to what villagers needs as the good vehicle to transport many products and would help many farmers.

He also mentioned, the pickup vehicle within 7,5 horsepower diesel motor could go for about 20 - 50 km/hour. "It is designed for to mobilize smallholders and they do not need to go out to get gasoline or diesel because by palm oil is the fuel,” he said.

It is planned that Itera would be more perfect within the cooperation with local government or industries to get better CEPOV-Itera-1. "We would cooperate with the industries to develop it and sell it in economic price,” Prof. Mitra told in Lampung, Saturday (26/3/2022), as quoted from Antara.

Chairman of Engineering Team of CEPOV Itera-1, Rico Aditia Prahmana told that the vehicle is special for palm oil is the fuel. Based on test in Energy Conversion Laboratory Itera, CEPOV Itera-1 could go up to 10 kilometers for every liter of pure palm oil.

In the production process, pure palm oil could be the fuel but not have to be conversed to be biodiesel and this can save production cost.

“Until now CEPOV Itera-1 is in full mechanic but it would be perfect to be the rural vehicle which is environmental and as it needs,” Prahmana said. (T2)