Palm Oil Can Produce Different, Healthy, Tasteful, and Aromatic Sponge

Palm Oil Can Produce Different, Healthy, Tasteful, and Aromatic Sponge

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Business owner of “Bolu Sawit”, Iin Arlina told her experiences how to make palm oil sponge which derives from Bungo, Jambi Province. Regent of Bungo once talked to micro, small, and medium businessmen in food and culinary that they had to innovate from the mainstay commodity in the region, which is palm oil.

“I mix the recipe from fresh fruit bunch in the form of sponge. The advantage of ‘Bolu Sawit’ is that it is tasteful for having different aroma and nice when eating. ‘Bolu Sawit’ has good smell as the pride of Bungo,” she said in webinar with the theme “Tren Bisnis Pangan dan Kuliner UKMK Berbasis Minyak Sawit Sehat” in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/3/2022) that InfoSAWIT joined.

The challenges to produce ‘Bolu Sawit’ are it is manual, the fresh fruit bunch still has lots of thorn that needs to take of. “But ‘Bolu Sawit’ has increasing demands from other cities, such as, Jakarta, Lombok, and Bandung,” she said.

Iin would innovate more in palm oil culinary, such as, making dry ‘Bolu Sawit’, palm oil ‘sagoon’, palm oil jam, and palm oil dodol.

The academy welcomes the making of culinary product from palm oil. Angga Rizqiawan, S.Gz, M.Si., the lecturer of Program Studi Gizi University of Binawan explained, red palm oil minimizes the potential risks to cancer and tumor. But palm oil has carotenoid, tocopherol, and balanced fatty acid composition that play as anti-oxidant.

The test to adult men that suffers dyslipidemia (a condition that has fat in blood increasing and risky to raise heart attack and stroke) were given dry cake which red palm oil has been smeared in the first place. The outcome is that it decreases cholesterol in total, LDL-C, MDA, and LDL were oxidized and serum SOD enzyme increased.

Angga continued, dry cake which was smeared by red palm oil was given to those who suffered breast benign tumor for eight weeks. It was researched in 2020 and the result was that it increased SOD (anti-oxidant increased), decreased TNF-α; 8-isoprostan serum and breast tumor significantly got smaller in size.

“Palm oil issue as the cause of cancer and tumor can be countered back with many researches namely from red palm oil. Besides, it helps to solve the lack of vitamin A which is really important for the children to grow,” he ended. (T2)