5 Recommendations of Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil to Minimize Palm Oil Issues

5 Recommendations of Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil to Minimize Palm Oil Issues

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In November 2021 March 2022, the government did many to solve the rareness and expensive palm cooking oil issues, such as, the first, distributing bulk and packaged palm cooking oil by conducting bazar; the second, deciding highest retail price in package to consumers (within fund allocation of price gap that Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency funded; and the third, regulation to fulfill domestic needs through domestic market obligation and domestic price obligation.

As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT Thursday (24/3/2022), Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil mentioned that palm cooking oil is difficult and rare to get because it has something to do with natural resource conflicts within long escalation in Indonesia. Conflict documentation at revealed that plantation conflicts namely palm oil was in the highest rank or about 161 conflicts which covered 645.484 hectares and involved 49.858 people. Besides, only few ‘persons’ master palm oil plantations.

“Palm cooking oil is one people’s daily need. Knowing that it is important to support life, the rare, difficult, and expensive palm cooking oil leads them to poverty and impacts to their rights, such as, rights on economy, welfare, heath, and security,” Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil, such as, Sawit Watch, ELSAM, HuMa, PILNET, Greenpeace Indonesia, noted.

In these contexts, every practice, such as, piling and cartel, has violated the human rights. Consumer is the most miserable part from this situation. That is why it needs to think about consumer’s protection. At the principles, consumer’s protection is regulated in Regulation of Consumer’s Protection as the main thing to protect the consumers but there are other regulations that protect consumers, such as, Regulation of Food and Regulation of Trade.

Based on the analysis, Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil recommended some things, such as, the first, President Joko Widodo should fully evaluate palm oil industries from upstream to downstream sectors transparently. This is about to know if rare and expensive palm cooking oil happens for inefficiency or mis-mechanism in crude palm oil (CPO) production or trade and palm cooking oil itself.

The second, President Joko Widodo should instruct minister of trade to take action and tactic to always control palm cooking oil markets. The third, National Commission of Human Rights needs to prepare complaint mechanism from the field about human rights violation in palm cooking oil.

The fourth, Komisi Pengawasan Persaingan Usaha (KPPU) should investigate if there is possibility to cartel in CPO production and trade and palm cooking oil. “And the fifth, Indonesian Police should take firm action to those who piled palm cooking oil why it is rare in the markets,” Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil noted. (T2)