RMA No 3/2022: The Hope to Ease SRP

Foto by Apriliagoverty/sawitfest 2021
RMA No 3/2022: The Hope to Ease SRP

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -  To boost the equity of the smallholders to get smallholders replanting program (SRP), it was proposed to get partnership model.

Director of Fund Management Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Sunari told, the specific regulation to propose partnership model is being designed through Regulation of Director of PFMA. This is about to reach many planters to implement it.

This is the same with the latest regulation that Ministry of Agriculture published. According to Regulation of Minister of Agriculture (RMA) Number 3 / 2022 about Human Resource Development, Research and Development, Replanting, and Infrastructures in Palm Oil Plantation, it says that agency (that relates to plantation) can directly propose to PFMA to get SRP.

“PFMA and other stakeholders do accelerate to realize SRP with other program but still, within good governance to realize the targets,” he said in Webinar & Live Streaming "Dampak Positif Program PSR, Sarpras & Pengembangan SDM" di Jakarta, Tuesday (22/3/2022) that InfoSAWIT joined.

SRP is hoped to increase plantation productivity and fresh fruit bunch quality; implement good agricultural practices, and improve the plantation spatial. The total realization in SRP in 2016 - 2021 reached 242.537 hectares within about 105.684 planters and spent Rp 6,59 billion.

The infrastructure program in 2021 was distributed to four smallholders’ institutions with the fund about Rp 21,1 billion. Human resource development program in 2015 -2021 covered 9.769 participants to get trainings and scholarship for 3.265 students spent Rp 199,01 billion in 21 provinces. (T2)