Asosiasi Inventor Indonesia Urged to Research Potential in Industrial Commerce

Asosiasi Inventor Indonesia Urged to Research Potential in Industrial Commerce

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA- 13 research inventors in Grand Riset Sawit (GRS) to downstream research result were funded by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA). They conduct with plastic from palm oil waste, bioenergy and also foam to extinguish fire from palm oil.

Knowing that the investors have potential result to be commercial and used in many industries, Asosiasi Inventor Indonesia (AII) facilitated them.

Chairman of AII, Didiek Hadjar Goenadi hoped that this will be interesting for many investors both the companies and individuals to be their partners to get commercial result research.

Didiek thought, 13 palm oil research results that PFMA funded were palm oil waste to be great material for nano crystal; plastic from palm oil that can be naturally degraded; foam to extinguish fire from palm oil.

Organic tin from palm oil residue to produce PVS pipe which is free from lead; biomass to biorefinery to be bioenergy; plywood from palm oil stalk; vegetable mill to substitute palm oil stalk to be sugar and carbohydrate; vanish Ganoderma attacks in palm oil plantations by using drone.

Woof supplement within calcium fat from PFAD; MDAG for healthy food materials in palm oil; bio-silica fertilizer so that palm oil tree is dry resistant; fast sortir and grading to get fresh fruit bunch within spectral image.

“The results to be promoted for the investors are in technology readiness level (TRL) 7. It means, they are ready to be in commercial but they are not in the form of products,” he said in his official statement.

He continued, they need further researches to get the highest TRL level, which is 8 - 9. To reach that and commercialize them, it needs fund and the investors’ supports.

That is why AII would help every investor to make downstream products from his research by meeting them in person in virtual seminar which will be on 30 March 2022.

He continued, there were about 138 inventions which Grand Riset Sawit PFMA funded in 2015 - 2019. From the numbers, based on the expert team evaluated, 13 inventions were in TRL 6 - 7 and ready to be in commerce. (T2)