Malaysia: May 2022 Palm Oil Workers Start to Work

Malaysia: May 2022 Palm Oil Workers Start to Work

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – Minister of Plantation and Commodity, Malaysia, Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin mentioned, it needs a consideration that crude palm oil (CPO) would be cheaper starting from the third quarter of this year by increasing production. Malaysia targeted that CPO production reaches 20 million tons in 2022 or increases about 2 million tons compared to 2021 which reached 18 million tons.

Datuk Zuraida also told in the same press conference with Palm & Lauric Oil Conference 2022, by having the first 32.000 foreign workers in plantation sector by getting the special permit, it is hoped to happen in May or June 2022.

“In the same time, we would depend on foreign workers and (must) increase mechanism. There are some technologies identified to be implemented in the next three to five years and at the time, I believe, we could reduce the numbers of foreign workers about 40%,” Zuraida said, as quoted from The Edge Malaysia.

Ministry of Plantation and Commodity Malaysia targets to subsidize palm cooking oil by hoping that this would end by the late of this year after getting discussion with Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Consumers at minister level last month.

“We want to help the aimed segment – they are in need when CPO is expensive,” Zuraida said and continued, the government has allocated subsidy for about 720,00 tons of palm cooking oil.

Chairman of Malaysia Derivatives, Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift thought, subsidy is not perfect thing for it covers much. “If the government specifically helps those in need, there will be lots to give and it is going to increase,” he said. (T2)