UD Trucks Launched Quester Euro5 in Indonesia

UD Trucks Launched Quester Euro5 in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – PT UD Astra Motor Indonesia (UD AMI) officially launched the latest line up Quester through virtual launching Quester Euro5 Launch on Thursday (24/3/2022). UD AMI proudly introduced and took Odawara Toshihiko as the new President Director of UD AMI since November 2021.

Director Marketing and Aftersales Service UD AMI, Aloysius Chrisnoadhi mentioned that nowadays automotive industries namely in Indonesia are changing for there is regulation of exhaust emission of Euro4 that will be implemented in April 2022.

“To support the government’s program, we proudly introduce our latest slogan “Better Life for Logistic, Planet and People”. The goal is to present the efficient technology in transportation business which is environmental and useful for every people to realize Indonesia Hijau,” Chrisnoadhi told.

UD Trucks presented Quester Euro5 that has better emission control technology, which is, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) that can protect the engine remains well over the years, safer in fuel and driving.

Quester Euro5

Until now, vehicle producers are doing their best to reduce NOx in many ways according to the government’s regulation. Besides electric vehicles, there are two other ways used to reduce NOx level. The first is to reduce exhaust gas NOx from the machine by spraying urea (AdBlue®) liquid to exhaust gas in a separated system from the main machine before it goes to the air (atmosphere). It is called SCR. The second is to put back exhaust gas to the machine to get fuel room temperature decreasing and would reduce NOx level. It is called Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

UD Trucks which was known as Nissan Diesel was the first brand in the world that used SCR technology within AdBlue®, it was applied to Quon truct in 2004. Such technology could reduce exhaust gas emission without having issue in the main machine.

AdBlue® consumption is 3 - 5% of diesel use. It took one time to fulfill AdBlue® or equal to four times to fulfill diesel in full within calculation that Quester fuel tank reaches 315 liters, while AdBlue® tank reaches 50 liters. If it is assumed that 1 liter diesel can be used for 3 km, it means, 1 liters of AdBlue® can be used to 75 km. Besides, Quester Euro5 has backup 10 liter - AdBlue® jerry cans or the numbers are enough to drive for about 750 km. The drivers will not have problem but feel safe for it is efficient.

Unseparated SCR from the main machine in Quester Euro5 will not be sensitive to high Sulphur diesel and can use biodiesel (B30) which is now used. This is safe and can be used in Indonesia. (T2)