The Government: Regulation for Subsidized Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Suppliers

The Government: Regulation for Subsidized Bulk Palm Cooking Oil Suppliers

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – To participate in bulk palm cooking oil program which is subsidized by Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), every business should get online data through Sistem Informasi Industri Nasional (SIINas).

It means, every data should be about name of company, ID number of tax, business permit, production capacity, production plan, use plan of crude palm oil (CPO) material, and distribution plan of bulk palm cooking oil.

General Director of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, Putu Juli Ardika said, the plan to material use should inform CPO material and where it is was from. In distribution plan, there should be, at least, numbers of information about bulk palm cooking oil to be distributed, distribution profile network, location to the distribution in the districts/cities, and time to distribute.

Then we would verify the completeness and registration documents. Every business that has been approved would get registration numbers, at least, three days since the registration is complete and right.

We would deliver registration numbers and agreement concept of finance to the directors of PFMA online.

“The verified business would sign agreement of bulk palm cooking oil procurement for the people, micro, and small business that PFMA would fund online through SIINas,” Putu said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (21/3/2022).

He also explained, the signing of agreement would be five days after getting registration and financial agreement.

To get fund in bulk palm cooking oil, every business should propose to pay fund in bulk palm cooking oil to PFMA online through SIINas by uploading documents, such as, recapitulation report, transaction of trade in each distributor and/or retailer, and tax invoice.

After getting verification from General Directorate of Agro Industry, the proposal of fund payment of bulk palm cooking oil and the verification result should be uploaded to PFMA. In the verification, we would be helped by independent surveyors that PFMA pointed and paid based on the request of general director.

The business that conducted agreement with PFMA is obliged to provide and distribute bulk palm cooking oil for the people, micro, and small businesses and forbidden to distribute bulk palm cooking oil to big industries or medium industries, re-pack, and/or export bulk palm cooking oil.

“Ministry of Industry would develop and supervise the program, starting from the production to its distribution to the people to get fix quality and price. Supervision team would be made that consists of the representatives from Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Finance, food taskforce, police, regional governments, and PFMA,” Putu said.

If the business breaks the regulations, there will be administrative sanction, such as, written warning, fine, fund to bulk palm cooking oil will be stopped, and frozen business permit. (T2)