Wow, Palm Cooking Oil Is Significant to Culinary Business

Wow, Palm Cooking Oil Is Significant to Culinary Business

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Small, Medium Businesses and Cooperation keep advantaging palm oil derivative products. They develop many things and innovation, such as, virgin red palm oil (VRPO), instant noodle, palm oil ‘rendang’, and cakes such as, sponge and dry cakes.

General Director of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, Putu Juli Ardika said that as the biggest palm oil producer in the world, many derivative products from palm oil are used as materials for food, such as, palm cooking oil, creamer, shortening, and cocoa butter.

“Palm oil delivered kinds of food and culinary in Indonesia and becomes parts of local wisdom to choose, select, and mix food,” Putu Juli said when delivering speech in a webinar with the theme “Tren Bisnis Pangan dan Kuliner UKMK Berbasis Minyak Sawit Sehat”, Wednesday (23/3/2022) that InfoSAWIT joined.

He also explained, palm cooking has lots of nutrients to fulfill nutrition in our body. Tocotrienol, vitamin E, and anti-oxidant are positive for our body, such as, to reduce dementia and stroke diseases.

“When I went to Belgium, the local chocolate producers told that they produced tasteful chocolate because of palm oil. We are lucky to have palm oil to get and produce healthy, good, and nice food,” Putu said.

Meanwhile, Head of Company Division Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), Achmad Maulizal Sutawijaya said, President’s Regulation Number 61/2015 jo. President’s Regulation Number 66/2018 mandated that PFMA is Public Service Obligation that functions to execute the government’s policies to develop sustainable palm oil by collecting, distributing fund to develop palm oil plantation professionally and accountably.

“Palm oil is one commodity to encourage economy sectors in Indonesia. based on the data, it is the export mainstay from Indonesia and gets increasing price about 42,4% year on year. Palm oil export value reached 21 billion dollars in every year in average. The revenue from palm oil reached Rp 14 billion to Rp 20 billion in every year. It may come to conclusion that palm oil is significantly contributing to the country,” he said.

Achmad Maulizal also mentiond, palm oil products are in our daily life. Palm cooking oil is familiar though there are kinds of products to palm oil use in the the society, such as, cake, bread, and biscuit. “Palm oil is economic and useful for the people in this country and abroad,” he said. (T2)