Fadhli Ali: Idea to Postpone CPO May be Precipitant

Fadhli Ali: Idea to Postpone CPO May be Precipitant

InfoSAWIT, ACEH – Secretary of Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo) Aceh Province, Fadhli Ali said, the idea of one Legislators of Aceh to postpone crude palm oil (CPO) delivery to other regions may be precipitant.

He thought, Aceh has no CPO mills to process palm cooking oil. Aceh has no CPO pile tanks. That is why, it needs the best concept to deliver a decision, supporting facilities to supply CPO. “Let us say, there should be one in coast Aceh North – East and other in West – South Aceh,” Fadhli said, as quoted from RMOL Aceh, Wednesday (16/2/2022).

He thought, it would be more relevant if this idea has something to do with CPO profit sharing. It is proposed in the Profit - Sharing Regulation change and being discussed in the central government.

He continued, if the idea in some provinces, such as, in Riau is accommodated, it means, every CPO export from one original port would be having profit sharing return from the province. “The questions are what if there is no CPO export port in Aceh? How to calculate CPO profit sharing from Aceh?” he asked.

He also mentioned, it needs serious attention and deeper study about this issue. If not, he continued, Aceh will get disadvantage and could be sorry for the rests. (T2)