Bensa Test in Plant Demo Scale: High Quality

Bensa Test in Plant Demo Scale: High Quality

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The government is in cooperation with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to test and produce bensin mixed minyak sawit or known as bensa in demo plant scale. High quality bensa will be the parameter to arrange and get feasibility study (FS) and detail engineering design (DED) to produce bensa which the plan is in 238,5 kilo liters (kl) per day and the factory will be built in District of Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera Province; and District of Pelalawan, Riau Province.

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource, Arifin Tasrif said, he himself saw it in person the process from crude palm oil (CPO) to be gasoline (bensin). This idea had come up for years by ITB. Profesor Subagjo of ITB and his friends were urged to scale up in laboratory scale.

“Pilot plant scale is 1.000 liters per day. The production of bensa with fresh catalyst could produce fuel with research octane number (RON) 115. This is high quality,” Tasrif said when visiting bensa production in pilot scale in Kudus, Central Java, Tuesday (25/1).

Bensa can produce high quality – energy that what the world needs. People around the world care about environmental energy use. In the future, it needs to use clean and renewable energy.

“This is very good. It is only about to implement so that the project will be in commerce and competitive,” he said, as in the official information to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (25/1/2022).

Arifin continued, bensa is one kind of vegetable oil fuel that the government should support the progress to realize energy independency by reducing imports both fuel, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) that become burdens for the country.

“We have to do independently in the sectors that our nation needs, for instance, in energy. We have kinds of source of energy that we do no take for advantage maximally. We have coal, palm oil. We have to increase the production. If not, we will always depend on imports. How much exchange should we spend and how much subsidy should we allocate?” he said.

It is important to get innovation to create creative products with right technology implementation, just like bensa though it is still in pilot project scale. The innovation will be got from important parameters to bigger scale to reduce fuel imports.

Bensa is in pilot project still. It needs much to be in commerce. But from the laboratory scale, from pilot plant, we should know the important parameters to get commercial production scale,” he mentioned.

He also told to ITB team to keep accelerating the test process and should think about the commercial scale for it can be advantaged not only in the domestic, but hopefully, it could be exported. (T2)