Commission VII Urged PT SMART to Deliver Real Data about Plantations and Production

Commission VII Urged PT SMART to Deliver Real Data about Plantations and Production

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Vice Chairman of Commission VII Indonesian Legislators, Dony Maryadi Oekon emphasized, his side urged PT Sinarmas Agro Resource and Technology (SMART) Tbk in Riau Province to develop real and concrete data about numbers of areas and palm oil production.

“PT SMART has palm oil plantation that might trigger expensive palm cooking oil. About the numbers of plantations, what do they do? PT SMART claimed, their plantations laid about 83.000 hectares. 51 thousand hectares are the main plantations while 32 thousand hectares are plasma. What about the production? Is it real? We need information and data but (PT SMART) did not answer. We need it,” he said after Commission VII did work visit to Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Thursday (20/1/2022).

As quoted from the official data of Indonesian Legislators, Dony continued, data production and plantations have something to do with domestic needs fulfillment and also the exchange. That is why, he was sorry about PT SMART Tbk in Riau for not delivering real data in the visit.

“Back to the revenue, what did the country and the people get? The representatives of PT SMART could not answer everything and we are sorry about that. This will be input for us to the Hearing in the hall because our target is the revenue,” he said.

He continued, Indonesian Legislators through Panitia Kerja (Panja) Peningkatan Pendapatan Negara (PPN) will keep encouraging and monitoring the revenue. “We have Panja PPN. We need to get the revenue because our country needs it where we could take the fund. The revenue that the country does not get is what we are going to get today,” he said. (T2)