The People in Air Tami Blocked Access of Palm Oil Company

Doc. InfoSAWIT/Ilustration of plantation
The People in Air Tami Blocked Access of Palm Oil Company

InfoSAWIT, MUKOMUKO – At least, 300 people from three villages in Sub district of Air Rami, District of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province, Thursday (13/1/2022) blocked access to PT Daria Dharma Pratama (DDP), the palm oil plantation company, to get its license.

The people are the villagers of Dusun Pulau, Bukit Harapan, and Arga Jaya who blocked the access of the company by big log.

One man from the sub district, in his official statement said, the people just wanted to know if PT DDP has got palm oil plantation licenses in Village of Dusun Pulau. If the company does not have the license, the areas should be returned to the indigenous people’s right.

“If the company has no official or legal license, we respectfully beg the government to solve the area license and should return the areas to indigenous people’s rights,” he said, as quoted from Antara Sumsel.

The company has five days to show the legal or official documents on palm oil plantation license.

Meanwhile Advisory Board of NGO, Kompast, Musfar Rusli urged the regional government to do something with palm oil plantation issue between both sides.

He is afraid that if there is no solution immediately, there will be social conflict.

Head of Sub district of Air Rami, Sunandi with many officials told, his side will deliver what the people wanted to from three villages to the company. (T2)