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SMART Still Focuses the Domestic and Exports for Downstream Products

Foto by Aceng Sofian/sawitfest 2021
SMART Still Focuses the Domestic and Exports for Downstream Products

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – For crude palm oil (CPO) is still expensive, PT Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food (SMART) Tbk., still focuses to maintain palm oil product purchase in the domestic and exports in the same portion or about 50%. It is predicted, such portion will keep going in 2022.

Most of the selling in the company is CPO derivative products, such as, cooking oil, margarine, specialty fats, biodiesel, and oleochemical. This is the same with what the government regulated to keep developing downstream products in many sectors, including palm oil.

SMART determined to increase its ability to produce many more kinds derivative products with vaster portfolio. “This is about to fulfill what costomers need of which keeps developing as well,” Investor Relations, PT SMART Tbk., Pinta S. Chandra said, as quoted from Kontan, Monday (10/1/2022).

He also mentioned, SMART contributes to sell palm cooking oil in economic price as the real action to deliver solution about expensive palm cooking oil in the markets. By the late of 2021, SMART distributed palm cooking oil for about 600 thousand liters.

The numbers were nearly close to the first target to distribute 700 thousand liters of palm cooking oil. The rests will be distributed in January 2022. Pinta also confirmed that SMART will re-support the government’s policy to stabilize price by distributing economic palm cooking oil.

She continued, her side will process every report of realization about CPO production in 2021 and production target in 2022. While in the third quarter of 2021, CPO – SMART production increased 7,5% (yoy) compared to the same period in 2020.

The increasing price of CPO which still happens in the early of 2022 is the lucky one for SMART. On the other hand, weather will be challenge for it is unpredictable and uncontrolled that could have something to do with plantation productivity in the company. SMART is still focusing to implement the best agricultural practices in the plantations. (T2)