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Astra Agro Socialized Breast Cancer to the Partners

Astra Agro Socialized Breast Cancer to the Partners

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Not only female, breast cancer raised by abnormal cells in breast tissue that man can bear. That is why male should escalate insight, care about breast cancer. Astra Agro did socialization to smallholders in partnership.

“Breast cancer to male is known after in further level,” dr.Bob Andinata, Sp.B(K) Onk, an oncology surgeon in Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais said as speakers in webinar Agrovaria Lovepink

Bob also explained that breast cancer to male is detected in further stadium. It needs to prevent it as early as possible by knowing the symptoms.

Vice President of Partnership and Smallholders Management (PSM) Astra Agro, Arief Catur Irawan said that Astra Agro also took fresh fruit bunch (FFB) suppliers in the socialization program.

“Online development program is routine one to educate and inform our partners, as the loyalty program to FFB suppliers,” he said while hoping that the partners of Astra Agro care more about the danger of breast cancer.

According to Globocan data in 2020, dr Bob thought breast cancer cases to male could be about 0,5% or about 329 new cases in a year.

“Though breast cancer to male is relatively small in number, SADARI and pemeriksaan payudara klinis (SADANIS) for male is important to do,” he said. SADARI is personally done while SADANIS is clinically checked.

Just the same symptoms to female breast cancer, male will have bump, scar in breast, nipple will go down, changes in breast, and liquid out of breast.

These might happen to male because of history in family, liver damage, infectious disease or diabetes, and genetic diseases. Obesity could be one risky factor to raise breast cancer for male. (T1)

Source: InfoSAWIT, November 2021